El Señorio Mezcal Reposado Extra

T February 12, 2007
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El Señorio Mezcal Reposado Extra

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El Senorio

El Señorio Mezcal Reposado Extra

El Señorio Reposado Extra Mezcal, the top of the line, is distilled in small batches in our distillery located in Ocotlan, just outside of Oaxaca City. It is made 100% from the Espadín species of the agave plant and it is the most comparable to single malts due to its taste and color. The American oak barrels in which it rests gives the spirit a beautiful honey colour. The oak properties are non intrusive and instead complement the mezcals complex balance and flavours by muting the smokiness derived from the roasting

Age: Rests 10-12 months in American oak barrels.
Color: Champagne clarity with yellow shades of honey gold.
Bouquet: Intense with caramel like notes and powerful touches of the roasted agave.
Body: Full and rich with character developed in the nose and palate.
Palate: Balances the sweet and the astringent leaving a soft touch of smokiness in the aftertaste.

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