METL 2012 Mezcal Reposado

T February 17, 2007
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METL 2012 Mezcal Reposado

Mezcal Review

METL 2012

METL 2012 Reserva Especial Reposado Mezcal

METL 2012 Reposado Mezcal - 100% Pure Espadin Agave - Elevation 6,100 ft above sea level

METL 2012 Reposado is aged 6 months in American oak barrels. The aging allows this fine Mezcal to develop a light, smooth character with earthy undertones and a fiery finish. Best enjoyed as a sipping Mezcal or mixed in your favorite cocktail.

*METL 2012 Anejo goes nicely with spicy foods and Mexican dishes.

JAGUAR - A nocturnal hunter worshipped by many ancient tribes for its wisdom and other wordly vision.

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