La Tilica Tequila Anejo

T December 05, 2013
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La Tilica Tequila Anejo

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La Tilica
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Tequila La Tilica Añejo

Tequila La Tilica Añejo is gold in color, fascinating scent, refined and elegant with notes of aged agave, displaying an intense and memorable Tequila.

La Tilica Añejo is inspired by the most representative state of Mexico, Jalisco, where tequila is born and the mariachi plays its music, where charreria is an art, where women dance the Jarabe Tapatio, and where one of the most beautiful cultures of Mexico exists: the Wixarika.

One of the most clearly defined elements of our culture is the skull. A skull full of color where customs and traditions write as one. Skulls made in any size, flavor or material. These are a demostration of our artisan´s creativity, afirming that the Mexican concept of death is unique and reinvented day by day. A precise example is Tequila La Tilica.

Like the sugar candy skulls that are dedicated to our deceased beloved ones, Tequila La Tilica in each presentation is a tribute and a gesture of admiration; A display of color and tradition for a specific region in Mexico.

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