Penca Azul Tequila Extra Anejo

T October 27, 2011
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Penca Azul Tequila Extra Anejo

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Penca Azul
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Penca Azul Tequila Extra Anejo - Sherry Wood

This special, limited edition Extra Añejo Tequila from Penca Azul was aged in Sherry barrels for over 3 years.

Tequila Penca Azul is the masterpiece of four generations of the Ruiz Family of Mexico. It is the result of 100 years of experience in the art of making fine tequila. Penca Azul is made from the Blue Agave plants, a noble plant that grows mainly in the valley of Tequila and Los Altos region (highlands) in the state of Jalisco. The plants, when ripened, are cooked in brick ovens, fermented naturally and doubled distilled. Finally it is rested in our collection of fine oak barrels to achieve a smooth product that will reflect the true balance between Agave and wood spices.

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