Don Azul Tequila Especial Extra Anejo

T December 07, 2013
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Tequila Don Azul Especial Extra Anejo

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Don Azul
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Tequila Don Azul Especial Extra Añejo

Tequila Don Azul Especial Extra Añejo is 100% Agave produced at Tequila Selecto de Amatitán in Jalisco, Mexico. Don Azul Especial Extra Añejo is the epitome of sophistication in ancestral spirits. The Alpha and the Omega of all Tequilas. Skillfully distilled and aged 4.5 years to perfection, this premium Tequila excels in quality and nobility. Its sophisticated bouquet and delicate shades of mild grape, cinnamon and emerging herbal notes produces an exquisite masterpiece for world class tequila aficionados.

Produced from estate grown Weber Blue Agave, Don Azul Tequila is triple distilled and triple filtered to provide a pure, crystal clear and smooth Agave spirit of exceptional quality. Don Azul Especial Extra Añejo is aged 4.5 years in oak barrels before bottling.

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